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Community Engagement

Community Liaison Group

Construction phases Community Engagement

For all Construction phase community engagement please visit the T2T Alliance website.

Construction phases Community Liaison Group (December 2014 - Current)

For information on the construction phase Community Liaison Group please visit the T2T Alliance website.

For information on the planning phase CLG.

Planning Phase Community Engagement

Communication survey results

A communication survey was conducted to seek feedback on current and previous communication methods and how people would like to be contacted in the future. The survey was included in the Community Update, Torrens Road to River Torrens Project – October 2014, and was also made available electronically on the project website.

In total 182 surveys were returned, (not all respondents answered all questions) and a summary of the results is provided here.

Street corner meetings

We held a series of street corner meetings throughout October and November 2014, protect team members were available to answer questions about the project. The meetings were held on Tuesday nights between 5.00pm – 6.30pm, at the following locations:

  • 14 October 2014
    St Lawrence Avenue / Dartmouth Street, Croydon
  • 21 October 2014
    William Street / Elizabeth Street, Croydon
  • 28 October 2014
    Queen Street level crossing, Croydon
  • 4 November 2014
    Cator Street / Bond Street, West Hindmarsh
  • 11 November 2014
    Gawler Avenue / Jervois Avenue, West Hindmarsh
  • 18 November 2014
    Meyer Street car park, Torrensville

If you were not able to attend these meetings but would still like to meet with the project team, please call 1300 794 899.

Community contribution to the project

The project team has engaged with a wide range of stakeholders including residents, businesses, local government, service authorities, community organisations and various interest groups during the two year planning study.

A significant amount of information and community and stakeholder feedback has been collected during community information days through group and individual meetings, online and postcard surveys, letters, telephone calls, feedback forms and public submissions received from the release of the Project Assessment Report (PAR).

Two Community Liaison Groups were also established in the last year of the planning study. One CLG focused on the Croydon Station to provide input and feedback into the design development of the rail overpass for the Outer Harbor rail line. The other CLG focussed on the South Road Upgrade to address local issues arising from the project between Torrens Road and the River Torrens.

This process has been central to the identification of the best overall project features.  The feedback has highlighted that the community would like an outcome which:

  • caters for pedestrians, cyclists and users of all abilities
  • minimises impacts to sites of high community and historic value
  • improves cycling and pedestrian facilities, including the provision of pedestrian crossing points  at intersections and pedestrian and cycle links to existing cycle ways and shared use paths
  • minimises disruptions to businesses and ensures the provision of adequate access to community facilities on both the eastern and western sides of South Road
  • provides good public transport connections
  • reduces the impact on new neighbours of South Road.

Past Community Engagement Activities

Community Liaison Groups (August 2013 to March 2014)

Two Community Liaison Groups were established to discuss issues and ideas specific to the Outer Harbor rail line at Croydon (i.e. Croydon Station CLG), and more widely in relation to the project itself (i.e. South Road Upgrade CLG). Members were selected based on their representation of the broadest possible range of local community and business interests and views.

To view the agenda's and record of discussion for each meeting.